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Megala Apparel importers

On October 17, 2022, a large-scale meeting was held between the Association of Transport Forwarding Companies of Azerbaijan and the Association of Clothing Importers with the participation of Association members.


At the meeting, the issues that concern importers were discussed and their solutions were explored. It was clarified that among the issues that concern importers are the non-return of import duties, physical checks at the border, delays caused by queues, and the problems they encounter during online trade. Regarding counterfeit goods and gray imports

coping mechanismswas investigated. The fact that Azerbaijan has great potential to become a trade hub in the region, and the need to create temporary warehouses under customs control both in transit trade and in the import process, was particularly emphasized. Also, taking advantage of the experience of foreign countries, discussions were held on the differentiation of VAT during import.


The members of the Association of Transport Forwarding Companies, on their part, gave information about the work to be done in connection with the investigation of relevant mechanisms related to the mentioned issues.


At the end of the meeting, the members of both Associations agreed on the expansion of joint activities, as well as on the preparation of joint proposals for the elimination of existing problems to relevant state institutions.


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